Help me out, politics?

Hello everyone!  I haven’t posted in, well forever. I just haven’t had much time or inspiration for all of those beauty posts. I’m still buying and loving makeup though!  But lately, I’ve had a urge to write on this blog or a blog about political views. It’s the most controversial and so important right now. […]

The festive season has began

Hi everyone! It’s finally time to officially start talking about Christmas! Some people ban the talk of Christmas until the first of December we can talk without being told off! What are your favourite things about this season? Do you celebrate Christmas? I feel like even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, most people do […]


  Hi! So, this is my first post. So I’ll introduce myself! I’m Isabelle, I live in the UK and I’m 14 years old. I had another blog, but I’ve decided to start over! I hope you enjoy my posts, and welcome to My small corner of the Internet, where I will be posting very […]