Help me out, politics?

Hello everyone! 

I haven’t posted in, well forever. I just haven’t had much time or inspiration for all of those beauty posts. I’m still buying and loving makeup though! 

But lately, I’ve had a urge to write on this blog or a blog about political views. It’s the most controversial and so important right now. But I wanted to share my thoughts on politics right now. It’s so current, there’s something new to say every single day. I’m not sure any of my followers now would really want that, but there might be a few of you out there who love makeup and are passionate about the current political frenzy. 

People now, have political arguments on instagram where you can’t get much out. But I want to express those opinions in full. Show you my opinion without having to condense it into 1 line or say something which doesn’t truly show me opinion fully. 

Do leave a comment telling me whether you want these posts. I’d love to cover topics such as Islam, the Muslim ban, trump, feminism, James Charles, just to name a few. 

Would you like more beauty posts to considering I do love to review the new products now and again! 

Isabelle x


2 thoughts on “Help me out, politics?

  1. Trump? Feminism? Muslim ban? Feel free to share your opinions because we all would love to hear them. Don’t let anybody shut you down. I have a political blog on other websites and setups and people like to be very harsh, listen to them but don’t be put off and be inspired by them to keep going with your opinion.

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    • Ok, thanks so much! I’ll definitely read around, and as a teenager, so many people have stereotypes of what teens can think politically, and I know I may not have experienced many world political situations, we do have very strong opinions to say the least! Thank you!

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