Real techniques: Eyes set review

Hello everyone!

So I’ve recently purchased the Real techniques eyes set. It contains 5 brushes: Deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, brow brush, accent brush and a fine liner brush.

eyes set


I have to admit that when I first bought this, I did think that I was only going to use the crease brush, base shadow brush and the brow brush. But I’ve found myself loving the accent brush and not using the crease brush as often.

Deluxe crease brush:


This is the biggest brush and is soft and great for applying eyeshadow and blends very well. As far as a crease brush is concerned, I’d say it’s a tad big for me, but that’s totally fine. Like I said before I don’t use as much as I find that the base shadow brush is better for me.

Some people I’ve heard like using this brush to blend in concealer and I have tried it and I do like it, however I use a damp beauty blender for my concealer so I don’t use it for that purpose.

Base shadow brush:


I love this brush! It’s not as big as a blending brush but blends just great for me. I apply and blend my eye shadow with this brush and never fails me. I use powder and cream eye shadows and there’s been no problem!

Brow brush:


I also love this! Before I got this set, I had previously used this small not very stiff brush in this set I received  for my birthday, and it was fine. But this brush is bigger and sturdier and so filling in my brows take no time at all!

I also just love that there a purple hairs in this brush!

Fine liner brush:


I have to admit I haven’t really used this yet. I haven’t got a gel liner to use it with as all of my liners are either felt tip or stick. I am planning to get a gel pot liner soon, and I hope to use that then!

Accent brush:


I did not expect to use this brush at all let alone love it! I thought you only used this for highlighting the inner corners of the eye which I do with fingers so I didn’t really see the point. However this is perfect for lining the lower lash line accurately and precisely. It’s supper small and so is great for that lower lash line.

Do you have this set, and if not what other eye brushes do you use?

Isabelle x



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