My personal checklist

Hi everyone!

Goals. They are so important. Granted I don’t write my goals out as much as I probably should, but they are incredibly powerful. Short term goals, whether that’s passing and exam or long term goals way into the future are great, and a checklist is something that will keep you on track.

So a reader recently contacted me and asked if I could share my list of goals with you all, which I was totally up for since I’ve needed to do this for a while! They were curious not only about my life goals, but also if I had thought about any financial goals too, and they introduced me to Personal Capital. So Personal Capital is free to sign up to and they have all sorts of tools to help you manage your finances. And while I am a teenager myself, I understand that this is something that I will want to be looking into soon (since time keeps on ticking quicker these days!). But if this is something that you would be interested in, do take a look at there website where they have a retirement planner and financial software tools.

Before finding out about Personal Capital I had no idea that 40% of millennials don’t have plans for retirement, and 73% don’t know their net worth. That’s a lot of people and so planning for the future seems even more important!

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So as a 15 1/2 year old, this is my current checklist:

  • Travel the world

Whether that’s with friends or with family or even alone. Knowing me I’d want someone with me by my side, but that could change I guess! Go somewhere exotic, somewhere you’d never dream of going and make memories. For me memories are so important to me that I just love holidays.

  • Know my finances

A more boring one I guess but just as important. I mean, how else are you going to travel the world? This also includes planning way into the future, as in retirement. Pensions etc to me are so confusing so consider consolidating your knowledge asap.

  • Go to my favourite band/singer’s concert

This is one that I find many people have already done, but I am yet to go to a concert! Me and my friend would particularly love to go to a Shawn Mendes  or Taylor Swift concert. Quite teenage you may say, but that’s what I am, a teenager. Granted this my change within a couple of years!

  • Get a pet

I currently have fish and quail (yes you can google it!) and used to have some guinea pigs. I’d love to have guinea pigs again or even a dog.

  • Have a family

One that I’m sure many young people would love. I’d love to have a little family!

  • Apply for a job at a big tech company

I’m still deciding what to do in the future but a computer science is an option and I’d love to apply to a big company like Google, and even not successful, I’d love the experience!

So I hope you enjoyed my personal checklist and I hope some of mine correspond as yours! Do check out the Personal capital website for tips and guidance on your finances!

Comment what’s on your personal checklist!

Isabelle x



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