Kiko new collection: Neo Noir

Hello everyone!

So it’s clearly been a while and since it’s the summer I’m going to get back into the swing of things and get blogging! So I was shopping today and went into the Kiko shop because of the 70% off sale, and noticed some new products and since I did one of these for their Summer collection, I thought I do one again!

So the collection is called Neo Noir and the designer is Ross Lovegrove.

He was inspired by black velvet’s romanticism and used depth to transmit the idea of modern, sensual extravagance. The palette’s external design recalls an opulent stage curtain that opens, allowing the KK logo to take the spotlight as the star of KIKONESS.


The packaging (as are all the other limited editions) is gorgeous!They have 17 products so I’ll go through them!


These are all of the products

Skin Modernist 2-In-1 Foundation & ConcealerThis is their foundation and concealer: £18.90

2-in-1 foundation and concealer for a flawless look that lasts all day long. It evens out the complexion and conceals any imperfections in a single step.

The formula is enriched with mimosa tree and rosa arctica extracts. The lightweight texture contains a high quantity of pigments, guaranteeing flawless coverage without clogging the pores.

The product features a natural satin finish and is velvety to the touch, leaving the skin feeling wonderful.

Strobe & Sculpt Cream Contour Palette

  Strobe & Sculpt Cream Contour Palette: £14.90

The products’ texture is creamy and highly blendable, while the formula smoothes and leaves skin velvety soft. When applied, the colour is buildable and adheres well.

The highlighter creates targeted points of light to bring out your best features. The bronzer sculpts the face, creating depth and definition. The combination of the two products helps to conceal any facial flaws and highlight the features that you wish to emphasize.

Design Flower Enriched Bronzer

Design flower enriched bronzer: £16.90

Creamy bronzer with petal extracts. Two different shades are combined in a single product. The light colour insert creates a delicately radiant look.

The formula is enriched with petal extracts. The texture is fine, creamy and pleasantly velvety to the touch.

When applied, the colour is buildable and blends extremely easily. The natural satin finish bestows a delicate, lightweight coverage like a second skin.

Design Flower Enriched Blush

Design flower enriched blush:£12.90

Creamy blush with petal extracts. Two different shades are combined in a single product; use the colours alone or mix them together.

When applied, the colour is buildable and instantly adheres. The special texture combines the ultra-fine quality of a powder with the extreme creaminess of a new, highly blendable consistency. The velvety touch guarantees an even and natural look.

Design Flower Enriched Highlighter

Design flower enriched highlighter: £12.90

Creamy highlighter with petal extracts to create targeted points of light. Two different shades are combined in a single product; use the colours alone or mix them together.

The formula is enriched with petal extracts. The texture is fine, creamy and pleasantly velvety to the touch. When applied, the colour builds easily and adheres instantly.

Sparkling Trail Eyeshadow

Sparkling trail eyeshadow: £6.90

Long-lasting, ultra-glossy metallic finish eyeshadow pencil.

The creamy and lightweight pencil provides an instant colour payoff, glides on easily and adheres perfectly to the eyelids. The formula, rich in pigments and ultra-fine pearls, has been designed to guarantee creaminess and high blendability during application.

Neo Muse Eyeshadow Palette

Neo muse eyeshadow palette: £16.90

Palette with four silky, adherent eyeshadows in bold, vibrant colours.

The formula provides intense colour that is easy to blend and is highly buildable. The palette features light and dark colours that can be combined to create a complete and sophisticated look.

The texture feels wonderful, truly delicately soft on the eyelids.

Maxi-Mod Mascara

Maxi-Mod Mascara: £11.90

Mascara with a small brush for maximum volume effect and definition. The supple texture does not clump or clog, is buildable and easy to distribute along the entire length of the lashes.

The brush made of slanted, elastomer bristles allows you to reach every single lash, even the short ones at the corners of the eye.

The brush has a hollowed-out interior for collecting and distributing an extraordinary amount of product for the maximum volume. The applicator’s small size allows for easy and quick application.

Graphic Gaze Double Eye Marker

Graphic gaze double eye marker: £8.90

Double-ended eyeliner pen to create lines and dots for graphic make-up looks.

Both tips feature an innovative ball shape that allows you to create thin and thick lines as well as graphic make-up looks. The tips’ capillary system releases the perfect quantity of colour for maximum control during application.

The ultra-pigmented product adheres to the eyelids, creating a precise and high-definition line. A touch of jet black adds depth to the eyes, highlighting their shape. Does not smudge.

Enigma Lipstick

Enigma Lipstick: £11.90

Volume effect lipstick: rich and radiant colour for sculpted, glossy lips.

The formula contains oil extracted from passion fruit and a mix of waxes and shiny oils to provide a long-lasting radiant and flawless finish.

In just a single coat, the lipstick drenches the lips in a bold, shiny colour for a plumped appearance. Applying the lipstick is a sensory experience, a caress for your lips. The colour glides on and immediately adheres to the lips; the lips are super soft to the touch.

Enigma Lip Liner

Enigma Lip liner:£5.90

Long-lasting lip pencil with vivid colour to emphasize the lip contour. 

During application, the highly pigmented pencil glides on and blends extremely easily. For a high-definition line and bold, bright colour. 

Its no-transfer and long-lasting formula improves the hold of the lipstick.

Available in eight colours to match the Enigma Lipstick colours.

Chrome Intense Nail Lacquer

Chrome Intense nail lacquer: 5.90

Bright nail lacquer with a high concentration of light-reflecting pearls to create unique looks. 

The colour is bold and uniform. The brush dipped in the lacquer takes the right amount of product immediately and spreads it gradually and evenly. The brush’s long bristles and round cut allow you to apply the polish in a single stroke.

Neo Noir Contour Duo Brush

Neo noir Contour Duo Brush: £12.90

Double-ended face brush for liquid and cream products.

The two ends with their soft synthetic fibers and compact size help create defined looks. The high-quality, two-tone bristles guarantee an even and smooth application.

The end with the longer and rounder bristles is ideal for applying stick highlighters. The end with the shorter bristles is perfect for applying liquid and cream products, such as bronzers, foundation and blush.

Neo Noir Kabuki Brush

Neo Noir Kabuki Brush: £15.90

Professional-quality, retractable brush for applying compact and loose face powders.

The synthetic, ultra-fluffy and dense bristles ensure an even look and buildable coverage. The brush’s wide head allows for easy and fast application. The high-quality bristles permit you to blend the products like a professional.

Neo Noir Pochette

Neo Noir Pochette: £10.90

Faux leather pochette inspired by Ross Lovegrove designs and made with soft vintage-style material, which is both washable and durable.

The black pochette is cinched in the middle by an elegant metal belt with a KK logo-embossed magnetic clasp.

The pochette when full resembles a bow. It can also be used as an evening clutch bag. 

This whole collection is incredible so I’ll be interested what everyone thinks of it!

Isabelle x


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