New Kiko collection: wish list

Hello everyone,

So it’s been a while…again. I know, sorry, sorry, but I have the classic exam excuse. I’ve had mocks all week including today, but I’m sort of free, I have one more big exam in May, but 10 exams are out of the way.

So Kiko is a brand that I only recently discovered but am in love with. And only recently, they have released a new collection that is just amazing. It’s called Wanderlust, or just the Summer collection.


So a massively extended list, I know. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find the products and descriptions, it’s too extensive to put in here right now!

Anyway, as you can tell, the packaging is gorgeous, amazing colour and texture. I’ve seen it in store and they look amazing in real life too!

It is quite an expensive collection by Kiko, but not proper high end sort of price. And compared to other collections, it’s not too bad. (But then again £22.90 for a bronzer seems quite high end to me).

I personally seem really intrigued in the powder foundation as I have combination to normal skin.

Also the bronzer is stunning, I swatched it in store and it’s so pigmented and it’s massive! So if you’re wondering about the price that’s why!

I’d check it out in store if you can if not the definitely check out the website, I’ve included links on the picture and title and price. 🙂

Isabelle xx

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So there’s:

DD cream – £12.90 (4 shades)

Sunshine DD Cream SPF 30

Cream foundation – £15.90 (Dry to normal)

Sunshine Cream Foundation SPF 20

Powder foundation – £15.90 (Normal to combination)

Sunshine Powder Foundation SPF 20

Baked bronzer – £22.50

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer

Baked blush – 16.90

Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush

Lip and cheek pencil £.90

Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks

Highlighter 19.90

Desert Moon Highlighter

Duo eyeshadow-kajal pencil – £9.90

Mascara – £12.90

Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara

Eyeliner- £8.90

Out Of Bounds Eyeliner Pen

Lipstick – £13.90 

Mirage Lip Stylo

2 brushes and a pouch. – £16.90, £14.90 and £16.90

Face Brush  Foundation Face Brush Pochette

So a massively extended list, I know. And hi there if you made it to the bottom!



17 thoughts on “New Kiko collection: wish list

    • I haven’t tried an awful lot, but their smart lipsticks are so cheap, have so many colours and look really great (I personally only have one) and they have such cool packaging for other lipsticks, AND! They also have a great skincare range which is smaller but some good looking products!
      Isabelle x


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