What makes me a geek?

Hello everyone!

So today, I’m going to discuss something a bit specific, but translatable.

So, I think there are sort of 2 types of ‘geeks’. And before I carry on, the word ‘geek’ to me, isn’t offensive, of course, unless used in a certain context. But for the purpose of this post, a ‘geek’ is simply a label of someone, and doesn’t define anyone.

Right, so type:6

1) Your standard geek, the person that comes to mind when you read the title. That sort of person, someone clever, and google describes it as:

noun: a unfashionable or socially inept person

verb: toΒ engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.

So, from that description, no one wants to be a geek. I mean, socially inept?

And then there’s:

2) A ‘cooler’ type of geek. Someone who is a bit like the geeks in films, by that I mean clever, but still pretty and has friends. Like, I guess I have no idea about this type, but geeks are always depicted differently in films.

So, what’s the point of all that? Well, I guess I’m a geek and not at the same time (not type 2). I love computing, and work much more than other people, and not to mention, does having a blog at 15 count for geek points?! But I’m pretty sociable and talk to loads of people, so, I’m both in a weird way.

I’m not really the right person to preach about labels, I still need some preaching about getting rid of labels. But you are not what other people define you as, many people have told me ‘Your such a geek/nerd’ to my face and meant it under the laugh that follows. It does sometimes take me back a bit and shock me, but then I just remember, I don’t care what you think, I could tell you I’m a geek, but that doesn’t necessarily give you permission to call me it back. And besides what’s wrong with being a geek, since as cheesy and cringey it is,

Geeks rule the world.

If we take that statement literally, it’s true, don’t you think that the people in government just happened to like politics, and everyone thought that was cool? I think not, unless you went to Eton school, I guess if you love anything other than sports, art and social media, it’s considered a bit weird.

And not so literally, the phone or computer your reading this on was developed by geeks, don’t you think Mark Zuckerberg was so cool in school for being a tech whiz, or Bill gates, or anyone.

An extremely rambling post today, but I wanted to simply discuss the topic, so please tell me what you think about labels, geeks, nerds and don’t be scared to completely disagree with me!


Isabelle x


11 thoughts on “What makes me a geek?

  1. OH MY GOD, this is so relatable and is basically me. Honestly I use geek/nerd as a term of endearment, and also, it’s a compliment because it shows your intelligence. Also, having a blog at 15 is awesome. I’m a year older than you and I started mine back in March, WHEN I was 15, so hazaar.

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  2. I’m 15 and a blogger too! My boyfriend is a complete geek and for that reason all geeks have a home in my heart. I associate more as a nerd because I prefer to talk about science and history over technology (only because I actually UNDERSTAND it :D) but people who don’t know me that well think I’m completely preppy. Geeks and nerds are the best people to talk to!

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  3. I’m a nerd. :3
    And it’s not because I work in school and get some of the highest marks in my grade; but because I actually get excited about things like biology and chemistry. And occasionally physics. Very rarely math. πŸ˜‚
    My boyfriend is definitely not a nerd; no. He’s a sorta geek, but not a nerd. But he could be, I mean, labels are all so messed up, anyway. One of my boyfriend’s best mates calls me a nerd. πŸ˜‚

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