Kiko haul and first impressions!

Hello everyone!

So I wanted to try a new brand, and went over to the Kiko website. Turns out, there was a sale, and I jumped at the opportunity! There were such great deals, the only problem? You had to spend at least £25 to checkout. So here is just over £25 worth of Kiko makeup!

Infinity eyeshadow : £5.90  £2.80 (on sale)

I got the shades 218 Avorio Macroperlato and 212 Pearly Hazelnut. They are so pretty and though I’m giving these to a friend, I wish I could keep them! You can buy a separate ‘make your own palette’ box thing, as these by themselves look quite lonely, but I didn’t get it.

Kiko eyeshadow

Rebel Bouncy blush in Treasure rose: £9.90 £4.90 (on sale)

Kiko blush

I absolutely love everything about this blush. I had to include the box in the picture because it looks and feels incredible! The actual blush is super pretty, darker than I expected but still super gorgeous!

Smart lipsticks in 918 Classic rose and 911 Watermelon: £3.90

Kiko smart lipstick20160226_170216.jpg20160226_170246.jpg









918 is a gorgeous colour, it’s a rosy, your lips but better colour, and 911 is an amazing bright pink! Already in love with Classic rose!

Smooth temptation in English rose: £7.90 £2.30

Kiko lipstick

Last of the makeup, another lipstick called English rose. You don’t get a lot of product, especially for almost £8, but since it’s on sale, I can’t complain! I’ve already tried this, and the colour is quite pink, but the lipstick is so creamy!

Energy mask: £5.90

kiko skincare

This is a black mask, and is a detoxifying mask, ideal for all skin types. 

It really is black and gel like, and I am so excited to try this!

Thank you for reading, and have you tried anything from Kiko, if so what? Also, comment if you have any blog suggestions!

Isabelle x



26 thoughts on “Kiko haul and first impressions!

  1. So jealous of all this stuff!!! Is the sale still on? Might have to make a cheeky order… Would love to see a review of the lipsticks 🙂 gorgeous blog lovely, and fab photography xxx

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