The Style Tag!

Hello everyone!

So I recently got tagged to do a new tag created by the lovely Lara! There are 5 questions to do with makeup and fashion and just your style in general! So let’s get into it!

the style tag

1) My 5 essentials:

A good pair of jeans (needs to be short (I am short) and comfy), A good hoodie or jacket, concealer (Revlon colourstay or Maybelline fit me) , good shoes and lip balm!

2)I can’t live without:

My jeans from New Look, I’m short so getting a good looking pair that are comfy but I don’t need to alter is very important!

3)I’ll dare to wear:

I’m the most boring person in terms of my style, so I’d dare to wear a dress out for everyday, I’m quite girly, but not with fashion, I only wear skirts / dresses for school or weddings!

4)If I could describe my style in a few words those words are:

Sort of just answered this, but they would be boring, casual, comfy. 

5)I’m addicted to:

My jeans like I said, and makeup wise, concealer, I couldn’t live without it!

I would like to nominate:



-The Average Gurl

-Chloe Martin



For the nominees, the tag can be answered for makeup or fashion, so unless the question specifies, you can answer for makeup or fashion.

That’s the end of the tag!

Thank you again to Lara, you should all check out her blog! 🙂

Have a great day guys, love yourself and each other!

Isabelle x

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