Girls and women, how old are you?

Hello everyone!

So, I not completely new to this blog, of course, but I have so much more to talk about than just beauty and makeup, so maybe every other post will be chatty, but you tell me whether I’m being to crazy!

So at the young age of 15, or maybe your younger, but we have all had friendship difficulties. It’s part of life, and it’s about what it teaches you and how you react to it.

But one of my favourite quotes lately, after recently going through yet another friendship struggle is:

girls and women

Yes, girls compete with each other and put each other down to get to the top, think about it as climbing over a wall.

Girls will climb on top of each other to get to the top, women will give each a hand and they will all get to the top, in a organised, fun manner, girls, will get muddy, angry and frustrated that it’s a battle.

Now when I say girls and women, I mean that you age isn’t really defined by your physical age, you also have a mental age. And inside, you may or may not know this. I’d say I’m older than 15 but not yet a wise woman!

I think many people may think they’re mental age is really young because they feel small and shy and not very strong, but a lot of the time, they will be older because they are mature and think well, whatever their situation.

The problem occurs when there are girls who are much, much younger than they are physically, I don’t know many, and to be precise I know 2 people. These two people are sisters, and one really gave me a hard time at the end of last year. I no longer talk to them, but that’s a blog post in itself.

So, empower each other, and I think the blogging community is an amazing one. We all empower each other and we genuinely do, so to everyone who has read my blog, thank you, you all mean so much!

Do you think I should carry on this crazy thought of doing beauty and chatty ones?

Isabelle x




22 thoughts on “Girls and women, how old are you?

  1. This is an excellent post, and very true. I love that quote. I agree with the others, I wouldn’t have guessed that you were 15. =) You’re quite mature for your age!
    I think a variety of posts means a varied mind. I enjoy them – please continue making them, and making them as long as you want!

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