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Hello everyone!

So a month or so ago, I posted about the benefit kit and I said I would do a review on it, but rather than just a review on the Porefessional, I’m comparing it to drugstore brands.

So I have 3 primers, the Porefessional, Maybelline Pore eraser and the L’Oreal blur cream.

L'Oreal, Maybelline, Benefit

L’Oreal, Maybelline, Benefit

L’Oreal Blur cream

This is £9.99 for 25ml from the Boots website.

LOreal primer

It’s description:

Concentrated with light reflectors, the micro-blur technology delivers an optical blurring effect for smooth, poreless looking skin. The translucent coverage is silky smooth and evens out the look of skin tone. C’est Magique!

A lightweight balm, instantly blurring away pores and fine lines for beautiful nude-looking skin.

Do I agree? Well, we all know that any product is going to claim and describe the product way better, but if they toned down the excitement a bit, I think they’ve done really well. The product has a tint to it, like the benefit. It primes really well, and I can see a difference in my skin.

Would I buy it again: Yes

Maybelline Instant Pore eraser

This is £7.99 for 22ml from Boots


It’s description:

Maybelline Baby Skin provides a matte finish and leaves the skin fresh, soft and protected. The gel texture in Baby Skin instantly helps to vanish pores and makes the skin feel light.

It avoids a shine on the skin and makes the skin feel soft.

Bye bye pores!

This product comes out as a clear gel.

This one isn’t for me. If you have dryer skin this may be better as I feel it’s too oily when applying. It does however smooth my skin but doesn’t make a noticeable difference. As I feel it is quite greasy feeling, it doesn’t work as well as a primer, as the oils from my skin slides everything anyway.

Would I buy it again: Probably not, but a nice product in itself.

Benefit POREfessionalBenefit primer

This is £24.50 for 22ml from the Benefit website

The description:

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. The translucent formula contains a vitamin E derivative known to protect skin from free radicals.


Complements all skintones

Helps makeup stay put

At first I wasn’t sure whether I would like this product. And…I actually really like it! The colour out of the tube is the same as the L’Oreal, and really does minimize pores. Really impressed with this, and does help makeup stay put!

The only downside: It’s expensive as it’s a highend product!

Would I buy it again: Not sure, quite expensive, but would maybe ask for it for a birthday or Christmas.

My verdict:

If you love the benefit primer and want to spend the money then I’m jealous, being in school, I simply want to be finding dupes and I think the L’Oreal primer is a really great dupe for the POREfessional, yes obviously not as good, but good enough!

Have you tried any of these primers, and do you recommend any that I could try?

Isabelle x


Benefit: Party like a rockstar gift set!



Chinese new year!

Chinese new year


29 thoughts on “Review: primers

  1. I completely agree with the maybelline primer- I really didn’t like the consistency. I just use the Nivea men post balm moisturiser as a primer and its better than any primer I’ve ever used before! x

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  2. This L’Oreal primer looks amazing, I’ll have to try it. I do like the maybelline primer however it really isn’t my favourite! Have you tried to loreal lumi magique(I think that’s how it’s spelt) ? If you haven’t it’s definately worth a try xxx

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  3. Hello there!! I have read your posts and saw the pictures you posted. and I just wanted to tell you that, It’s AMAZING!
    I was thinking that we could be blogging friend or even real life friend?! I followed your blog so would you follow mine too? We could be friends!! Nice to know you! ^^


  4. Primers are definitely essential. Thanks for the roundup! =)
    Hmm, I have two suggestions, actually: Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer (WalMart exclusive, and the pink tube, not the green – the green’s pretty rotten so far as I hear) and elf’s Hydrating Face Primer. They both work wonders for me, elf’s being a bit better, and they’re both pretty inexpensive! I’ve got dry skin and I can skip on moisturizer when I use elf’s, so it’s a dream if you have dry skin… but since you have a bit oilier of skin, maybe try their poreless primer instead? =)

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      • Ahh, of course, of course. =( Well, elf also makes very high quality brushes for a low price, so if you ever consider getting the primer, go ahead and throw some brushes in on their online site for a better bundle, lol.

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  5. I really like this post! However I have a question! When did the L’Oreal one come out?! I haven’t seen it before? is it older and I just haven’t noticed it or is it a newer product?! 😀 Really wanting to go buy it and the benefit one!

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