My everyday makeup routine

Hi everyone,

So I know everyone does this but I really like reading them so here’s mine!

If you regularly read my blog, you will know I just got a benefit set for my birthday, and I’m testing them all out but it’s not yet in my routine!

Everyday routine

Here’s some of the makeup.

So I don’t usually use a primer, if I do which isn’t often it’ll be the Maybelline primer or the L’Oreal primer.

As my foundation:

I am yet to find my shade, anywhere, but currently, I use the L’Oreal True match in Vanilla and the Maybelline dream fresh BB cream. I find the BB cream makes it not so cakey and the foundation gives the coverage I need, so the combo is working very well at the moment!



You can see my cheeky chocolate in the background!

I love the Maybelline Fit me concealer but it’s slightly off shade, just slightly, and so I picked this one a couple months ago. It’s the Revlon Colourstay in light. It’s not as full coverage but it’s a good shade and does the job!


I use 2 powders, but I usually use the L’Oreal BB powder. It has slight coverage but nothing to much.

L'Oreal powder


I use the Master Sculpt by Maybelline and I usually just the contour shade, but occasionally the highlight as well.

Maybelline contour

I dropped this and part of the highlight just broke. 😦 But the contour shade is really good!


This is such a gorgeous blush. It’s the Max Factor baked blush in 15 Seductive Pink. I’2016-01-16-01.06.18-2.jpg.jpegI’ll usually put it near my contour and sort of blend it in. Because it’s colder, I quite like the inner glowy blush sort of look!


I’ve been really liking filling in my brows with powder. I didn’t used to and just use a pencil, but I use a dark eye shadow with a angled brush. I use the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude palette in Espresso, the darkest colour.



eyelash curler

Maybelline lash sensational

I use a really cheap eyelash curler from Boots, and it seems to do the job. Doesn’t hold the curl for that long, but to be honest, my eyelashes are so short and downwards pointing, curling doesn’t do an awful lot anyway!

Then, I’ll use my Lash sensational, which is an amazing mascara which I’m sure you’ve all heard of! As I annoying lashes, this does wonders and though loses some curl during the day, I do love it!

This was my everyday makeup routine, do you have one, and what are your must have products? Also let me know if there are any products you would like see a review on!

Isabelle x


20 thoughts on “My everyday makeup routine

  1. This was a fun post to read. I guess I have an everyday make-up routine, but it’s really simple and I don’t wear much. It’s generally all No7 for face things and I just wear foundation, bronzer and mascara everyday. If I’m going out, I’ll wear more, but normally it’s just simple 🙂

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