Benefit: Party like a rockstar gift set!

Hi everyone!

So this is my first go at high end makeup, and I am very excited! For my birthday I got this gift set from my parents and I am very happy!



So in the set, there is a primer, 4 eyeshadows, applicator, Hoola bronzer with brush and the They’re real and roller lash mascara.

This kit is full of so much! The eyeshadows are very pigmented as you’d expect but are also very pretty!

Benefit eyeshadow

The eyeshadows are called (from top to bottom):

-Call my Buff

-Guilt-y Pleasure

-Thanks a Latte

-Kiss me, I’m Tipsy

benefit hoola

I am extremely excited to properly try the Hoola bronzer. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this bronzer, and I love bronzer so..very excited again!

Benefit primer

This is the all famous pore fessional. Some people don’t think it’s worth the hype, some people do. I’m going to test this out and see which category I fit into!

benefit mascara

Saving the best until last. These two mascara’s are so good! I’ve been wanting one of the two for so long and now I have mini sizes of both! I’ve tried them both a couple times, and they are so good!


So, this wasn’t a review, so if you would like my to do a full review about one of the products or the whole set, please comment so that I know!

Do you like benefit products and what’s your favourite?

Isabelle x


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