Quote of the day (tag)

Hi everyone!

I was tagged by The Average Gurl, so thank you!

I think that as cheesy quotes are, they are so important. I think they can help people enormously whether they want it to or not!

So this is supposed to be a quote of the day, but every now and then, I’ll post quotes for you all, they are a great way to motivate yourself!



I chose this to pay tribute to Alan Rickman who will be much missed.

I tag:


Isabelle x


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day (tag)

  1. AGH HARRY POTTER REFERENCE (goes mad) omd, (remembers what happened) and *cries*. I’ll miss Alan Rickman so much. He was such a wonderful man. My dad and I are going to do a Harry Potter marathon in memory of him.

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