Review: Sleek face form palette

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve had this palette for a while, but haven’t gotten round to reviewing it.

This palette comes at a decent price of £9.99 for 3 products: bronzer, highlight and blush.


I’ll go through each product separately:



I think the bronzer is nice, but I do think it is a bit orange, so this is probably the least used product of the three, but I don’t think it’s too orange that it’s unusable as I do still use it as it isn’t a bad product.


I’m still not 100% sure about this product because sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. But right now, I really like it. It’s a shimmery highlight and sometimes I think it’s too glittery, but compared to some highlight, it’s pretty good! So I definitely use this one, on and off!


I really like this one, but like the highlight sometimes it can be a bit too glittery. Definitely much more of a spring and summer blush. The colour is a really pretty rosy pink with gold running through it. I think it makes you look so much more put together and awake!


Cheap for what you get

None of the products are too bad

All products have very good pigmentation

Comes with a great sized mirror!


Bronzer can look to orange

Highlight and blush can be too shimmery, so just be careful when applying


Isabelle xx




13 thoughts on “Review: Sleek face form palette

    • I would recommend it but I’d just be slightly careful with the bronzer, it’s not bad at all and lots of people love it, but that’s my only concern with it! 🙂


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