My problem with Apple products

Hi everyone!

A strange topic and very heated topic to discuss but I wanted to address it. So…here’s my opinion on Apple products

Firstly, I would just like to point out that as a product I quite like the actual finished thing. I agree that the products are ergonomic and a great product, my problem lies with the ethics behind the company.

So a couple weeks ago, I was talking about Google, Facebook and Apple headquarters. Someone joined the conversation and said “Oh yeah, Apple treats their workers so well! Apparently they get so much free time for creative thinking and get paid so well.” I was internally fuming after that. Here’s why. It’s the exact opposite. Yes those working in the office may get paid very well and have free time, but the people making your phones are not. They get paid so little and work for hours if not days on end absorbing toxic chemicals etc.

Many apple supporters would say, yeah but that’s not Apple’s fault. I’m sorry but I must disagree. I’m not sure exactly what happens but I imagine that Apple set out very high standards and production lines that have to be met, forcing the China factories to pay the workers ridiculously low amounts and ridiculous hours. If other companies can set there factories to a safe and fair contract why can’t Apple.

You may say that Apple’s production is too big so workers do have to work harder to meet demands. My problem: if Apple is the best company like ever, surely they can build/own their own factory in China if not elsewhere and hire many people?

When people say that Apple is the biggest company ever, I think not. Yes they earn the most money but why do you think that is? Yes, it’s because they try to cut down on production costs like any other company, but they do it to an extent that it’s inhumane. They can’t spend a few million (which for them is like not a lot) on safe environments, fair wages, fair hours and take more control over production. Surely to win the respect of people, they fully established a company, now take care of the people.

Many people don’t like companies like Primark because they are well known to have extremely low production costs, so why is Apple not getting that attention? Maybe because too many people are too consumed in the product itself.

There was a documentary about Apple and the whole production side of it, and to say I was shocked is an understatement. A lot of what was in it, I have mentioned already, but what happened is they sent a Chinese worker undercover, but this backfired but had to reveal his real name. He had covered cameras to film, and half the time, the workers were sleeping because they’ve had to work so much. I know, i know, documentary’s ca be edited in a certain way to emphasize the point of the program, but never the less, the factories have had to make these people work and work just to keep up to Apple’s contract.

I’m completely welcome for your opinion! And like I mentioned earlier, I don’t hate Apple, I do love the products just the behind the scenes I have a slight problem with!


Isabelle x




2 thoughts on “My problem with Apple products

  1. Oh wow I never knew any of this! It’s the same with Nike I think and it’s like, if you’re such a big brand, why can’t you ensure your workers are being treated fairly!?


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