The festive season has began

Hi everyone!

It’s finally time to officially start talking about Christmas! Some people ban the talk of Christmas until the first of December we can talk without being told off!

What are your favourite things about this season? Do you celebrate Christmas?

I feel like even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, most people do have lifted spirits and do become quite festive!

I don’t always feel excited but then sometimes I’ll be going giddy it’s almost Christmas!

My Christmas advent calendar this year is the Lindt calendar which I am very excited about! What advent calendars do you have?

I feel like this post was very bitty but here’s just my introduction to Christmas!

Isabelle xx


3 thoughts on “The festive season has began

  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas but i love how creative people get with decorating the outsides of their homes! I went to St Mary’s island and there was a Christmas tree in someone’s front garden as tall as their house and beautifully decorated.

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