Real Techniques brushes


So sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve bee busy with tests and family, but I have a few more posts waiting for you!

So, real techniques brushes are amazing, and a lot of people can back me up on that! I’ve got 4 and the mini set and the sponge, so 6 products.wpid-photogrid_1445858793454.jpg

Here there are the four: the brush brush, stippling brush, shading brush and the expert face brush.

Blush brush

This the blush brush. It’s one of the newest to my collection, and I really like it! It’s super soft and I use it to apply my powder and blush, and sometimes bronzer!

expert face brush

This the expert face brush! It’s one of my first brushes, and I really like it! I don’t use it as much now as I used to (I tend to use fingers or the sponge) but many people love this product and I see why!


The shading brush. The newest in my collection, and I’m still to try it properly. So far, it’s been great, but I tend to use my fingers to speed up the process.


And finally, the stippling brush! I don’t tend to use this one anymore, though I want to! I do really like it though! I use it to apply blush and foundation, though I’m quite lazy when it comes to cleaning the brushes!


What are your favourite real technique brushes and what would you recommend?

Isabelle x



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