Mini boots haul

Hi guys!

A week or so ago I went into boots just to get some stuff, some a bit boring, but here’s the beauty side of it.


  1. The Revlon Lip butter in Strawberry shortcake. The colour is really pretty, and though not autumnal, I just thought about getting another Revlon lip butter!

Revlon lip butter2. The Maybelline Gel eye liner in Black. I always use a pencil eyeliner but they all smudge under my eye after a few hours, so I went and tried to find a liquid eyeliner. I found this one and I think that Gel eyeliner stays on the best, and this was in a stick form so I decided to pick it up!

Eyeliner3. Blistex Medplus. This is a lifesaver! A couple years ago I got the winter flu quite badly and my lips got so dry so my mum went out and picked up this without knowing whether it was any good. By the next day, I could actually move my lips without wincing! I has this really cool tingling sensation when you apply it, and I really like it!



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