Barry M nails!


I love the Barry M nail polishes, they are so cheap yet so pretty and really easy to apply. I’ve gotten so used to these nail polishes that I find it very hard to use any other nail polishes!

Some of my collection

Some of my collection

I have some of the original nail polishes (not in picture), a jelly (again not in picture), a couple of the aquarium nail polishes which are my absolute favourite! A quick dry, a matte and a silk collection.

The aquarium range are extremely pretty and pictures don’t do them justice, you have to go to a shop to see them! I have ‘Mediterranean’ ‘Persian’ and ‘Arabian’. Mediterranean the middle one in the picture, it is a pink colour with gold running through it, the Arabian is a green with blue, and Persian is a really pretty purple with a dull gold glitter!

I must say the jelly nail polishes are my least favourite purely because I can’t apply gel nail polishes, it’s not Barry M, it’s just me! But I would still recommend them to someone because they look so good!

Which is your favourite?

Isabelle x


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