Micellar water


So, you’ve all probably heard of the new Micellar waters which many brands are now introducing. Some compare it to Bioderma. I use the Garnier Michellar water. I’ve gone through a couple bottles already! I believe Garnier have other Micellar waters to choose from.

I think brands like Simple and Soap&Glory have brought out one as well getting great reviews as well!

I’ve actually got all 3 sizes of the Garnier one. One new design (400ml) the first design (400ml) which I’m using up and the “Travel size” (125ml) which is too big to go through the airport, so not good for short breaks!

I use it to take of my makeup and sometimes go again but usually if I’m feeling lazy I’ll rely on my face wash cleanser to properly cleanse my face!

All three sizes!

All three sizes!

Michellar water close up

Have you given in to the new trend and products do you use, and if not, tell me which products you like to use!

Isabelle x


5 thoughts on “Micellar water

  1. I used to have this Micellar water and I tried Bioderma as well.For me, there are both very much alike. I know that Garnier Cleansing Water for combination skin exists as well. It goes in a blue package. But it’s hard to find in Russia. My personal favorite is Avene Micellar Lotion for sensitive skin.

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