The power of programming


So, the power of programming hey? Yes, most people would agree that programming is the future, our world is basically made up of code, to read this your on a website, that’s coded. If your anyone like me, you can’t escape the world of technology. Writing this, I’m on my laptop with my phone next to me.

So that’s why I chose Computing for GCSE, not ICT, computing. Some may say that GCSE computing isn’t that important and that anyone can learn coding without GCSE, but I really like computing, so I thought why not!

Computers help save people’s lives and help research at a speed we’ve never seen. What would our society be like without computers.

At the moment, in my GCSE course, I’m learning Python, an easy(er) and close to english language which is why it’s taught in so many schools.

Do you think that computing is the future language, or is it just going to stay the same; only those who want to will pioneer with tech.

And just to finish off a little computing joke: There are only 0010 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t! (Personally I love binary…a bit weird you may think!)

Isabelle x



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