Adults colouring book!


So, these adult colouring books have been out lately and I really wanted to get one and see what it’s like.

I got mine at the airport and there were quite a few to choose from, but I got the small sized one since I figured I would probably be taking it on holiday again.

I think if you have a some spare time, it’s great, but if not, it can really waste time! You really get involved with the colouring as well as delving into your thoughts. If you play a musical instrument, it’s like that: your still concentrating on playing, but still in your own world of thoughts!

Mindfulness colouring book

My one, there are loads of different books you can get though!

Isabelle x


4 thoughts on “Adults colouring book!

  1. My sister bought me a colouring book. She said it was suppose to help with stress… I actually felt more stressed and frustrated because I couldn’t colour within the lines hahaha!

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